School Nutrition

Students and staff spend many hours of their week in school, so it’s vital that they feel healthy and energised while there. I offer a number of different nutrition services for schools.

Sports Department

I use my extensive experience working with sports professionals to help schools with their aspiring athletes. I teach them the importance of good nutrition for excellent performance, and doing so at an early age helps put them in a much stronger position for the future.

PHSE/Wellbeing Week

As part of a wellbeing week, I offer webinars, year-group talks and blogging for the school’s internal wellbeing website. I also offer my interactive software to analyse students’ health to engage them and to get them thinking about their own nutritional wellbeing.

School Employees

I also offer my extensive nutritional knowledge to school employees because I know how draining it can be working so hard. My services include a drop-in clinic where we discuss health, wellbeing, and the importance of good nutrition.