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Welcome to Unique Health Clinic! I’m a nutritionist specifically for busy working professionals from all walks of life. I know all too well how working life can get in the way, so my nutritional services are designed to suit your lifestyle.

With me, you can book a personalised nutrition consultation online whenever suits you.

Do you find you’re always low on energy, have digestive problems, or can never seem to shake a cold? Well, you’re in the right place! I can help you reset your health, fine-tune your diet, and help you understand how to strengthen your immunity.

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How Can I Help You?

Increase Your Energy

Improve Your Digestion

Strengthen Your Immunity

Fine-Tune Your Diet

Balance Your Hormones

Do you find you struggle to stay feeling healthy? Do you suffer from exhaustion, a compromised digestive system, or a lowered immune system? Perhaps a health professional has diagnosed you with blood sugar irregularities or hormonal issues.

These problems are surprisingly common for a lot of people, particularly those who work hard. Finding the time to eat right and look after your diet can be a challenge for everyone.

Who I’ve Worked With

“Maggie delivered a talk to Lower Sixth Form pupils, the talk was informative, interactive, and relevant. It offered pupils more of an insight into nutrition, the brain and how to make smarter and healthier choices. I think the scientific reasoning and justification behind what Maggie informs the pupils would be best for their health was a good way to get their buy-in. This wasn’t just about encouraging 16- and 17-year-olds to get their 5-a-day; it was about digging deeper into the why they should make better eating choices. Finishing with an informal Q&A was great for getting pupils involved and de-bunking longstanding myths and misconceptions.”

Ms Hemmings

Director of Sixth Form at Ibstock Place School.

’I can wholeheartedly recommend Maggie as a consultant nutritionist.  She  has delivered a number of very informative talks to Latymer parents and students. These proved invaluable in terms of promoting good diet and hydration choices both in the short, medium and long-term. They focused on how as a family they could support each other in making healthy choices and I really feel she truly guided the students and parents by pointing out the small changes they could make to get most out of what they eat and drink. Moreover, she cleared up lots of queries and misinformation that is around in the media and she gave a huge array of simple and practical tips. In the future, we are hoping to work with Maggie to deliver additional topics  that will enable our sports performers to optimise their training and competition performances. Maggie is incredibly professional, informed and approachable.’’

Natalie Maclean

Director of Sport, Latymer Upper School

Maggie delivered really informative sessions with our students and parents that were very well received. In their feedback, 93% of our Year 11 students said that they found the session worthwhile and informative.

Sara Sheldon

Head of PSHE, Highgate