About Me

Hi, I’m Maggie!

Registered Nutrition Practitioner

I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist and qualified sports specialist.  As a full-time working mother, I understand how difficult it can be to eat properly and to feel energised enough to tackle each working day.

Health and nutrition have always been my main passions. They led me to study nutrition and now undertaking my postgraduate qualification to broaden my expertise. I have more than 13 years experience across a wide range of sectors in the health and nutrition field.

My nutrition career started overseas, where I worked in a hormone health clinic. Once back in the UK, I made it my mission to work in different sectors to build my experience. My roles have included working in the education sector, at a busy West London doctor’s surgery, working with sporting professionals and within a number of large corporations as their in-house nutritionist.

If you feel constantly tired or run-down, there’s usually not a single quick fix to remedy the issue. Instead, I believe it’s vital to cover different areas and tailor the approach to the individual.

This belief is the cornerstone of my approach. In short, it’s realistic, practical, and evidence-based. All of my recommendations, whether for an individual or a team, are backed by clear research and deliver real results every time.

What’s more, I appreciate that every body is different. While some suggest a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition, this isn’t what you’ll get with me. We’re all genetically different, and I base my recommendations around this fact. I consider your specific needs and goals and offer a bespoke plan to suit.